The Loveprinting Machine

is a one-man operated digital type foundry, exploring modern typography while having fun.
My name is Rodie and I am self-taught designer. I've been drawing letters since childhood, being a wannabe-graffiti writer but only on paper. In 2012 I began practicing calligraphy and lettering (and even became a calligraphy teacher at one point.)
In 2016 I became a junior graphic designer at local design studio and started learning more about typography.
Few years later I visited my first type design workshop at Campus and that event changed my whole perspective on design which appeared to be much more than just a technical knowledge and bunch of tricks under the sleeve.
In 2018 I began working at 2GIS as a junior communication designer. I was making all types of design for corporate events (and even managed to make a modular typeface for one of them) and eventually started to be interested in UX/UI design.
Today I am working as a UX/UI designer at, and also making typefaces on weekends or when I have a spare hour or two. I do not pursue the goal of making another perfect sans or serif, but I am rather trying to find strange, fun, fast-to-make (and therefore "lively" things.